Welcome to my kitchen!

There’s only one thing more pleasing than a beautiful cake… a beautiful cake that tastes good!
So good, you need perfect silence in which to eat it. Know what I mean?

I make beautiful, exquisitely tasting baked goods for birthdays, weddings and, well, any occasion when you need it to taste even better than it looks. I deliver quality baked goods, with no preservatives. The cakes are freshly made to order using only the finest ingredients to ensure maximum flavour.

I’m a self taught baker, inspired by all things fresh and delicious. My enthusiasm is sparked by different people, places and things. Passion drives me, love inspires me, and Chocolate… well, I just eat a lot of it.

As young child I was interested and curious about baking and cooking, always gathering recipes and imagining what they taste like. I still have old magazine and newspaper clippings from the early 90s (they’re a bit yellow and stiff now).
I pursued a legal career as a young adult, however on my journey of self discovery, my passion for being in the kitchen was rekindled. One day I just started baking and experimenting, and the rest is history. There you have it, Candy Jay’s has become a reality. Voila!